Complete Inspection & Cleaning For Your Fireplace, Hearth, Chimney & Flue Systems.

Don't lose your home to unnecessary fire damage!

Ignoring the condition of your chimney and fireplace can have dire consequences. Have your chimney, fireplace or stove serviced and cleaned by a professional WETT-Certified Chimney Sweep.

Is your chimney's masonry in good working order?

Chimney erosion can lead to partial or complete internal collapse of the chimney, blocking the flue and sending poisonous gases into your home or causing a fire.

Annual chimney cleaning boost safety and efficiency!

Accumulation of soot and creosote can be enough to fuel a chimney fire and can also reduce the ‘draw’ or air flow of a fireplace and reduce it’s burning efficiency.

Your furnace maybe recycling dirty air!

Your homes HVAC system acts as a filter & collects dust, debris & other allergy causing pollutants. Clean filters & ducts help to minimize allergens in the home & increase your furnace's efficiency.
We Get Our Hands Dirty So You Don't Need Too!

Chimney Cleaning

Chim-Chiminey Sweep provides cleaning services for your fireplace, hearth, chimney and flue systems.

WETT Inspections

Detailed inspections for financing or insurance on homes with a wood burning appliance or fireplace.

Chimney Waterproofing

Prevent water damage and protect the existing structure of your chimney with annual inspection & waterproofing.

Air Duct Cleaning

Having your home's duct system cleaned annually helps to provide for a healthier indoor environment.


Chim-Chiminey Sweep has over 30 years of Chimney Cleaning and Fireplace Service experience. We are certified to perform WETT Chimney Inspections and are Gas-Safety Certified for Fireplace, Stove & Furnace Repair.

We perform Chimney Inspection, Chimney Sweeping & Deglazing, Waterproofing, Install or Repair Chimney Liners or Caps, Gas Fireplace or Furnace Burner Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning.