Chimney Liners & Chimney Caps

Chimney Liners and Chimney Caps tailored specifically to your home’s chimney & flue system.

Chimney Liners & Chimney Caps

Chim-Chiminey Sweep specializes in performing all facets of fireplace & chimney maintenance.

Chim-Chiminey Sweep specializes in detecting and rectifying all damaged or deficient parts of your chimney system including chimney liners and chimney caps. We make sure all parts of your chimney are good working order and your fire is burning clean & venting properly. A healthy chimney boosts performance and helps lower your energy bill.

Water penetration is a consistently destructive force on chimneys that can be prevented. Outside, it can crack mortar joints, break down brick and cause additional leaks by corroding metal rain flashings. Inside, Soot and Creosote can mix with moisture and form a corrosive mixture that can cause further, more serious structural damage and safety risks.

Without A Chimney Cap, Your Flue Is Left Vulnerable.

Chimneys need a cover to keep rain, debris and un-wanted pest out.

Your chimney cap is a small part of your chimney, but it offers big benefits when it comes to protection. Wind & Animals carry in debris for nests that can block off your chimney flue and limit it’s ability to vent properly. This allows heat to rise inside of the flue and potentially cause a chimney fire. With a chimney cap properly installed, your chimney system gets protection against water and animal intrusion. The cap offers protection from combustible materials (like burning embers) from exiting your chimney and causing chimney or roof fires. These problems are entirely avoidable with the addition of a chimney cap and spark guard.

Chimney Liners Improve Performance & Safety

Chimney liners are an important component in your homes chimney system.

The chimney flue liner creates a smooth surface that allows gases to flow up and out of the chimney easily and efficiently. It provides a strong layer of protection that keeps your chimney masonry in good working order and minimizes the risk of fire hazards. It also reduces the exterior temperature of the chimney during use. Having a chimney liner that’s installed correctly, sized correctly and maintained properly is key to your chimney system being in the best possible condition. If your chimney liner is damaged or incorrectly sized Chim-Chiminey Sweep can replace it with a new liner that’s expertly installed.

Have Your Chimney Inspected Annually & Cleaned By A Qualified Professional Chimney Sweep.

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